World Consumers Day 2017 – Our Warranty For You

Almost all products have a warranty from the manufacturer. But in many cases consumers do not make use of their rights and guarantees. For this reason the World Consumers Day was created. It goes back to John F. Kennedy, who proclaimed 1962 three fundamental consumer rights before the American Congress , i.e. the right

  1. to be protected against fraudulent or misleading advertising and labeling,
  2. to be protected from dangerous or ineffective medicinal products,
  3. to choose from a variety of products with fair market prices.

The basic idea was: to strengthen consumers by means of information about their consumer rights they are entitled to. In many cases, consumers do not complain or ask for exchange because they simply do not know their rights. Or they do not dare, because they do not want to expose themselves to the dispute with the seller. But: You as a consumer have paid your good money, so the purchased goods must also work very well.

World Consumers Day - Informaation for consumers on their rights

World Consumers Day – Informaation for consumers on their rights

We want satisfied customers!

Our goal are satisfied customers. Not, because we fear the anger with customers. But because only a satisfied customer will recommend our hybrid solar systems. There is hardly anything worse, than customers, who complain about products and services – and that on all possible channels. Satisfied customers are the best advertising. For this reason, we are very interested in the following:

  1. Very good products, that do, what they should and that are extremely reliable
  2. Very good service to our customers before and after the purchase.

We also commit ourselves, not to make fraudulent statements in our communication. Everything that is said and written is true.

And because we want satisfied customers, we list below, what we do for you.

Check of the products in production and before leaving the factory

During production, we carry out numerous checks and tests to ensure, dass die produzierten PVT Sonnenkollektoren (hybride) all offer the highest quality and functionality. Thus, all materials at the goods receipt are checked for function or. freedom from defects. All test criteria have been agreed in advance together with the TÜV. But also in the production itself we have installed checks, in order to save you difficulties with the PVT modules at a later stage. So, e. g. the tubes carrying the solar fluid are tested for leaks before installation, and this test is also documented. Also this test procedure has been optimized with TÜV during the certification process.

The hybrid solar collectors are also tested at the end of production process and the serial numbers are registered. Durch die Seriennummern der PVT Solarkollektoren (Hybrid) can be used to track, how this PVT module was produced at any time. This contributes to the high quality of our products. Therefore, we also offer a corresponding guarantee for each of our products.

Garantie bei PVT Solarkollektoren (Hybride Modulen)

Because we trust our products unconditionally, we offer you the following guarantees:

  1. 10 years warranty on the product.
  2. Performance guarantee:
    1. Min. 90 % performance for up to 12 years,
    2. Min. 84 % performance for up to 25 years.

For your peace of mind, we also have a guarantee insurance. It covers damages, if we should not be in the market any more.

Hybrid (PVT) sun collectors on the roof

PVT (hybride) sun collectors on the roof


The same strict processes applie to the heat pump solarboilers. Before and during production, materials and processes are examined intensively. But most importantly: At the end of the production process, all heat pump solarboilers are tested for leaks, manufacture quality and function. That means, that the functionality was individually checked for each device. So that you will not get a problem with the heat pump solarboiler at a later stage. By the way, the boilers are TÜV-tested and certified.

We therefore offer you a 3 year warranty on the device. That covers the function and the materials.

The heat pump solarboiler at work as part of the hybrid solar system

The heat pump solarboiler at work as part of the hybrid solar system

Installation of a solar system

We are a manufacturer of innovative solar technology. This means, that we deliver the above mentioned products, but we do not install a solar system ourselves. Our competencies lie in the invention, the testing of new ideas and the implementation into professional products. The installation of one of our hybrid solar systems is done by third parties of your choice. Such as plumbers, heating engineers, roofers, house technicians, Solar professionals, etc.

We instruct and train the installer, so that there will be no problems with the installation of a complete system. We are also happy to help you find a local installer. Simply ask us.

Was soll und kann eine PVT Solaranlage leisten?

Our expectation is, dass eine PVT Solaranlage eine fossile Heizung komplett ersetzt. This has always been the goal of research and development. And from the past installations we know, it works so in reality.

Of course, that requires a good insulation of the house and well-functioning radiators and tubes. As a rule, buildings from 1985 onwards fulfill the requirements with regard to their isolation. In this case, our hybrid solar system can completely replace the fossil heating system. This not only saves you considerable energy costs, but you also do a whole lot for the environment at the same time.

We have both: electronics and paper

Some want an invoice in electronic form as a PDF. Others want a paper bill. With us, both is no problem. Because our entire communication takes place at all levels. Just as you, as our customer likes it. We guarantee this to you!

We are looking forward to feedback.

Criticism as a word is rather negatively interpreted. Is criticism generally something bad? Not really. Because criticism can also be something positive. ny feedback is “criticism” – whether negative or positive. And even a negative judgment is useful. Through negative criticism one can perfect oneself. If no one tells us, what is bad, we have no chance, to improve anything. Clearly not every criticism is relevant – this must always be checked neutrally. But from legitimate criticism you can learn a lot and improve your own products and services.

We want happy customers – so give us your feedback, if you do not agree with something. And of course, if you like our products and services!