Independant of Rising Energy Prices

Energiekosten werden steigen - das kostet uns viel Geld

The Energy Price will Rise.

Oil and Gas are the basis for our energy in many applications and thus have a crucial impact on the energy pice. We use e. g. petrol or diesel in cars. In our houses we use heating oil and domestic gas. Furthermore, oil and gas - as well as coal - are often still used for the production of electricity. But the supply of oil and gas are limited.. It can be taken for granted, that the supplies of oil - and gas - will be used up in a few years. Finished. Over. Out. No oil and gas any more. The oil exporting countries are already in deep sorrow, on how to secure their income in the future. But for us and our children, as we are dependant on oil and gas, it will have extreme consequences in the long perspective.



That is relevant to us all!

Since we all live in a house or a flat and require wamth for our daily life, the end of oil and gas is a horror scenario. Because prices of oil and gas will rise in the future due to the foreseeable rise in demand. In countries like China, the energy demand is rising overproportionally, and so they need much more fossil fuels.


The energy price will definitely rise in the coming years.

The energy price will definitely rise in the coming years.


More demand logically increases prices. Not only the energy price for the our heating is affected, but also electricity cost will rise as a consequence. But - back to our personal perspective – will our income rise accordingly, in view of the expected future energy prices? It is about time, to think about the situation.

But Cost is not Everything!

Next to rising cost another factor plays an important role: the emission of climate-damaging CO2 through the combustion of fossil fuels. All oil- and gas heatings work with combustion in order to produce warmth. And combustion has always been the reason for the climate change. To help nature, the avoidance of combustion is the major challenge.


Hybrid Solar Collectors (PVT) produce electricity and warmth in parallel.

Hybrid Solar Collectors (PVT) produce electricity and warmth in parallel.

And now?

Nothing is lost yet, because now you can hit two birds with one stone: Using our new, modern solar system, which produces electricity and warmth in parallel, one is completely independant of the climate-damaging combustion. The oil- or gas heating is no longer required. The sun delivers energy at no cost, and so sorrows about a rising energy price are over. That makes life much easier.. Through high savings of energy cost, a solar systems pays off much faster, than expected. And after paying it off, the big saving starts.

Save money and do good at the same time

By opting for our solar system you do not only save money, you also help and support nature. Heating and warm water generation are run completely without combustion. Only electricity is required occasionally, to produce warmth during times without sun. Our solar systems produce not only warmth but also electricity, which can be stored either in a battery or it can be saved in the electricity network and can thus be used later, when it is required. Depending on the system configuration you can easily obtain a zero electricity balance: the electricity which has been produced with our solar system, will then cover the entire electricity requirement. Und that is our utmost goal: The „Zero Energy Home“.

You, too, can save the energy price.

Look at your energy bills and figure out, if that would be an option for you. Especially, if your house was built from 1985 onwards, the requirements regarding insulation are very favourable. At the end you do not just want a heating support, you want the full heating by solar energy. We are glad to offer you advise without obligation, whether it calculates for you and what the requirements are. And you may profit from attractive subsidies for a change to solar from oil or gas . We are happy to help you here as well.. Simply send us a message..