Germany, we are coming with a new Solar System!

4,4 Tonnen CO2 spart ein Haushalt mit einer Gasheizung bei Einsatz unserer Solaranlage.

Beginning of the year 2017 we will start the sales of our hybrid solar system in Germany. The qualitative ground is paved through the TÜV certificate for our PVT modules as well as for our Heatpump-Solarboilers. As a result, the sale of our solar systems in Germany can commence.

For house builders or house owners we offer with our first completely certified solar system the opportunity, to avoid great energy cost in the future and that with a short amortisation period. And in addition you save approx. 4,4 tons CO2 per year*. Next to power, our PVT solar system also produces thermal energy, which makes it possible, to cover the - complete warm water and heating requirements of a family home. Our hybrid solar system a home will become completely independent from a gas- or oil heating. With that you are on the way to “net-free home”. And the solar system can be used for newly built homes, as well as a replacement for the old heating system..

4,4 Tonnen CO2 spart ein Haushalt mit einer Gasheizung bei Einsatz unserer Solaranlage.

That much CO2 you save with our solar system.

Our specifically developed Heatpump-Solarboiler can also be used as a standalone solution. With no PV- or PVT module, if one does not want to rely on the power of the sun. With the power of 7,3 kW it can supply continuously warm water and make your home comfortably warm. Hence it can be used very flexibly, also for replacement projects.

We are pleased to assist in your considerations for the use of PVT modules and/or a Heatpump-Solarboiler in your home. Never mind, if the home is already build or still in planning.. And we also help finding an installer in your area, for further local planning or for the installation of a solar system.

For Installers, Solar Workers and Energy Consultants we offer in-depth information on capabilities of our solar system and on the installation. Furthermore we show your attractive potential earnings and the possible different applications.. Here are also attractive opportunities in the B2B sector.. An all attractive package for all parties involved..

During the start of sales in Germany we now also look for (for)regional sales partners. Contact us and let us know, which region you would like to cover. We love t hear your suggestions and offer you an attractive sales package.


* 4,4 Tons of CO2 are calculated from the saved gas usage of a standard family home. By replacing an oil heating one can even save 5,8 tons CO2 per year per family home..